At your Fingertips… Tortoise Shell


At your Fingertips…



I had so much fun working with the team on the Rodarte Runway show for New York Fashion week! Laura & Kate’s inspiration for this collection………Los Angeles!


With touches of leather, fringe, suspenders (my fave) and animal print, I can’t help but reminisce about my life, back in the 80s.


In keeping with the animal print inspiration, Odile Gilbert created zebra print hair pieces, perfectly placed on the back of the head, James Kaliardos created a razor sharp cat eye, and my team and I created this tortoise shell nail design to complete the look.

1. Dab makeup sponge into warm orange nail lacquer, sponge lightly onto all nails

Rodarte RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013
Mega-Shine 2. Dab makeup sponge into deep brown nail lacquer, sponge on lightly, but only cover part of the nail. I like to start at the perimeter of the nails and work my way in a bit. Repeat over this area to darken and give a faded effect.
3. Apply 2 coats of super, shiny top coat. I love Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat, fast drying and super high gloss! Watch the Rodarte runway show along
with backstage images!

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TracyleeAt your Fingertips… Tortoise Shell